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Video Games > Star Wars: The Force Unleashed > First Thoughts

05/11/2019 00:00

This isn't actually the first time I have played this game, as it was the very first game I played on my XBox 360 many years ago. I didn't have too many memories of the game, other than it looking beautiful and hating the boss fight combos, but not enough to stop me enjoying the game and having an all together positive memory of the whole thing.

Jumping back into the game I expected it to look terrible, as you often do going back into games that looked amazing when they first came out years ago. Surprisingly the graphics actually somewhat hold up. I am also very surprised that now I am playing again I remember much more than I thought at first; such as entire level maps or just whats around the corner waiting to surprise me in particular areas.

The game is very hack-and-slash-y, which for me is a bad thing, but so far it has provided enough of a challenge to keep me interested through the first couple of levels.

The story is rather fun as you take the role of Vader's apprentice who he is toughening up to overpower the emperor with; but it isn't worth getting too invested in the story as (if I am remembering correctly) all events from games between Star Wars episode III and the Disney acquisition have been written off. I have not kept up with the franchise's movies since Disney took ownership so I guess I still get to experience the story the same way I would have in my first play though.

One thing that does show the age of the game is that the menu controls are utterly bizarre.

Video Games > Wolfenstein: The Old Blood > Final Thoughts

04/11/2019 12:00

Having just finished The New Order, which I loved, I was very excited to play The Old Blood, the next game in the series. I was gravely disappointed by what I stepped into. From the very start it felt as though it lacked the story of The New Order, the levels felt clunky (I really hated the wall climbing thing, every location for it looked terrible and felt in every way worse than an improvised ladder or anything else they could have used in its place.) and I was very confused why a mass of Nazi guards would be patrolling random underground caves . I felt annoyed about being forced into so many shoot outs when the first game let you use stealth more often, and didn't feel over the top when it didn't have the option. Nothing about this game felt right.

Then it started raining Nazi zombies and what little hope for a great game I had vanished. To top it all off the final boss battle was a joke, with a large monster to kill that didn't really do any damage at all and the only difficulty coming from Nazis spawning directly behind you every few seconds. Why would they not just shoot the giant monster that is killing all of them as well? Why were they crawling out of little holes in the wall like little sisters out of Bioshock? Why didn't the two people that went in before me face the same horde of zombies I did? On 'Uber' or in other words the highest difficulty I coasted through this game very quickly, though it was so bad I don't think I would have wanted it to go on much longer. The only good part was seeing the cutscene at the end that lead directly into where the story for The New Order began.

Video Games > Wolfenstein: The New Order > Final Thoughts

04/11/2019 00:00

I absolutely loved this game from start to finish. The story, gun play, stealth and music added together to make an experience I feel was on the same level as the great Half Life 2. It is worth playing on a harder difficulty as on the lower levels it feels like you are just coasting through, however it is an all round great game that I would happily revisit at any time.

Video Games > World of Goo > Final Thoughts

12/04/2018 05:59

World of Goo is a bridge building game with a frustrating twist; that twist being that your building material is a jelly like ‘goo’. Everything bends and sways as you build your way to the pipe at the end of the level making for some truly interesting puzzles. The art in the game is charming, and unlike its brother game Little Inferno each new level feels fun and fresh and in no way monotonous. The game will keep you interested for a good 6 hours and is defiantly worth playing. A positive, charming and fun take on the typical bridge building style game.

On another note the game is showing its age on PC in undesirable ways. Having had its release almost 10 years ago in late 2008 the antialiasing is lacklustre and the game can only be played either full screen (I guess 40+ inch monitors weren’t common back in 2008, and it wasn’t such a daunting thing to see.) or a tiny tiny window ( I guess great resolutions screens weren’t a thing either). The game is also available on Android and IOS and even the Nintendo Switch. As these are much more recent releases it might be worth playing on those platforms for a smoother experience.

Video Games > Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number > Final Thoughts

24/03/2018 14:10

This game was not as great at the first and nothing about it stood out. The dialogue is uninteresting and over-done, the levels are unpolished and at times buggy and it generally feels clunky. The first game, though simpler, was much better. The story follows various characters though their psychotic killing sprees. The game ends after the Russian president is killed triggering a nuclear blast killing the characters we have been following. Meh.
The game was nothing special however as a redeeming feature there is a level editor, allowing for some real cool fan made levels to be produced and endless Hotline Miami action.

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