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14/03/2018 02:00

Over the years I have had many methods for recording my personal ideas, thoughts, opinions and learnings. These records usually get scrapped as I grow as a person, I gain experience and past opinions become irrelevant. To combat this loss of information each article will be accompanied by a time stamp. I do not yet know of a good way of indicating if articles I have written hold my current opinions or ideas still, so I simply request any readers do not assume I hold the same opinions or ideas from an old article, nor use one article to discredit another in this journal, as they are likely completely unrelated and have been written by a version of me living in a completely different reality. (This reality being based on experience etc.)
Originally I used wiki software and articles became lost, later I used blog software, that became a mess. This document starts as I attempt to keep it as simple as possible, shying away from the formats that previously became unmanageable.
I do not plan on showing anybody the contents of this document at the time of writing this, however things can change, of course. For that reason I plan on keeping things open and to keep language as clear as possible as I write; avoiding obscure language or ‘slang’ that may only make sense to myself and those close to me. I don’t have any plans to proof read everything all the time, or keep to any set formats so if you are reading though please be patient as ramblings may not always flow as well as I would like if I was writing with the intention of displaying what I write to an audience.

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